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Single and Choice Moms

"The goal of a single parent is not to raise our children alone. The goal is to consciously create the village in which we and our children will thrive."

— Mikki Morrissette

A Conversation with Choice Moms Founder Mikki Morrissette

11 Common Single Mom Problems


By Gabrielle Applebury M.A., Marriage and Family Therapy


Parenting is hard work, especially when you have to go it alone. Single mothers are a fast-growing segment of the population as societal norms and family values shift. There are many issues commonly faced by single mothers that are unique to their circumstances.


According to an article written by Susan Pollet, Esq. published at the New York State Unified Court System website,, the amount of single parent families has tripled since 1960.

You are not alone.

Single parent families raise one quarter of the nation's children. In 2000, approximately 30 percent of the babies born were to single mothers.

Out of the 84 percent of women who are single parents, 44 percent of them were divorced or separated.

Children in single parent households are not necessarily more at risk than children in married households. Past literature indicated that children of single parent households tended to be poor, were more likely to drop out of high school, and were more likely to be teen parents. However, recent findings suggest that children from single parent households do not experience quite the same challenges if the single parent provides a stable household and has a stable relationship with his or her children.

Below is a story of a 43 year-old single woman who decided to become a parent.




"For single moms, postpartum anxiety or other signs of postpartum depression might go unnoticed because you may not have someone there to tell you that you're not quite acting like yourself. So if you're having a child as a single parent, or you suspect that you may have some issues postpartum, there are steps you can take to help you feel better." -Sarah Kowalski

How To Deal With Postpartum Depression As A Single Mom (From Moms Who’ve Been There)

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For Families Going through Separation or Divorce - Family Transitions Triple P® is a 5 week series that assists parents who need extra support to adjust and manage the transition of separation or divorce. It focuses on skills to resolve conflicts with former partners and how to cope positively with stress.

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